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Healing Properties of Spices

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10 Grams A Day, In Your Food

According to the host of this video, Keith Scott, MD, the rate of prostate cancer in the US is 30 times higher than in India. Breast cancer rates in the West are about 8 times what we see in India. He attributes this to cancer preventing herbs and spices found in the Indian diet.

"Scientists have established that the phyto nutrients found in herbs and spices have a wide range of action. Not only do they protect against DNA damage and choke off the blood supply to cancer cells, they also interfere with the feedback signaling mechanisms without which cancer growth would come to a grinding halt." says Keith Scott, MD.

He explains that by adding 10 grams of spices to their meals daily, people in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and other nations with spice-rich cuisines are medicating themselves daily, preventing cancer with every meal.

Here you will learn about the most important spices with healing properties to add to your cooking immediately!

--Bibi Farber