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Growing Fish In Greenhouses

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Fish And Vegetables Go -- and Grow Together

Aquaponics is the symbiotic cultivation of plants and fish in a re-circulating system. Growing Power, a community-based urban food center in Milwaukee, WI uses Tilapia and Yellow Perch to fertilize a variety of crops and herbs using aquaponics.

By using gravity as a transport, water is drained from the fish tank into a gravel bed. Here, beneficial bacteria break down the toxic ammonia in fish waste to nitrite and then to nitrogen, a key nutrient for plant development. Finally, the water flows from the growing beds back into the tank of fish.

Growing fish in cities in a healthy no-waste system like this means more fish can stay in the oceans to repopulate, and our food require less transportation = all good!

This urban farm sells the fish and the plants to local restaurants, and educates people all over the world about this model of urban food sustainability.

Growing Power indeed!

--Bibi Farber