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Transform Your Lawn

Great news!: People who have started businesses transforming lawns always report being overwhelmed with requests right away. Edible Estates is featured here, and they're on a mission to transform lawns of individuals and estates around the country.

"It's pretty hard to defend the lawn today as a use of space." says owner Fritz Haeg.

Great stats from this video include:

If lawns were a crop they would rank as the 5th largest in the US on the basis of area.

Lawns cover an estimated 30 million acres in the US.

They account for 20-50% of all residential water use.

Haeg says: "I love the idea of this super modest gesture of one person taking their own private land, their own front lawn, and as a very public gesture making this piece of land produce food that is as local as it gets. It's interesting to consider how much you can fit in how little space that had so little function before."

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Treehugger TV