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Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Brooklyn, NY

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Growing Local Food in NYC!

The Eagle Street Rooftop Garden in Brooklyn, NY is transforming otherwise useless urban space - the roof. They are growing herbs, lettuces, greens, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, peppers and even keeping chickens and bees-- on top of a movie and television production company called Broadway Stages!

This food is being distributed in a CSA format and sold to local restaurants.

"NY is still discovering their role in the local food movement. I find it really enjoyable to be teaching and leading this charge." says apprentice Kate.

Co founder Annie Novak points out: "Especially in cities it's much easier for people to become disconnected from their food systems. It's important to see how things grow, where they come from.... for city kids, if they don't have access to an outdoor area, (coming to the rooftop farm) is the only time they've ever seen a tomato grow."

Hoorah for people like this putting the work in to take it all in the right direction! We want food growing from rooftops everywhere!

--Bibi Farber

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