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Building a Tank Garden

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Let Seeds Grow Where They May

Rosina Buckman used to have a barren front lawn at her suburban home, but she became so enthusiastic about permaculture techniques that her resplendent front lawn garden earned her the Edible Landscape Award from Australia’s Sunshine Coast Council in 2009.

She lives in Tewantin, a small suburb on the fringes of Noosa – a tourist hot-spot on the Sunshine Coast in south-east Queensland, Australia.

Her lush driveway is edged with strawberry runners, passion fruit vines, chilies and edible greens.

In this video she shows us how she creates a tank garden. The most interesting thing is that she barely planted anything at all.

"I have not planted about 80% of what you can see in this garden. This is the permaculture way. Let your plants go to seed and they'll find their own way." Rosina says.

Imagine- she has created conditions so hospitable to growth that all this amazing food comes up practically all by itself. Key factor: she lets the plants go to seed. The strongest ones come back, if and where they want to. Oh and her compost is enhanced with kelp and molasses!

The miracle of permaculture in action!

--Bibi Farber