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Backyard Blitz

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With The Long Term In Mind

"Sustainabundy" is the re-localization group for the Bundaberg region in Australia.
Here they are doing a backyard blitz for the TV cameras in this short and sweet clip, transforming it into a permaculture oasis.

"A backyard spruce up -- with the long term in mind" says the reporter. "Permaculture mimics the patterns of nature without fossil fuels, fertilizer or other chemicals"

Dry soil is corrected with worm compost to generate permanent edible gardens that require no attention.Chickens fertilize the ground.

As one participant emphasizes: "The principles of permaculture can be applied to other things, for ex. town planning as well as a backyard. It's about making sure that the things that you use most intensively are closest to your home."


-- Bibi Farber