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Proof That Fox Lets Monsanto Control News Story

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"Just Write It The Way Monsanto's Lawyers Want It Written"

This is shocking, yet not surprising. It is not recent, this story is from 1997 but it certainly merits retelling until everyone is aware of the dangers of:

1.Drinking commercially produced milk in the United States
2.The Monsanto Corporation
3.Fox News reporting policies

Fox News investigative reporters Steve Wilson and Jane Akre did a story on Bovine Growth Hormone, that Monsanto sells to farm factories to increase the milk production of cows.

It has proven in lab tests to be harmful to humans. It's prohibited in other countries. The FDA didn't mind. That is a news story alright. But in the eyes of Monsanto it's a just a mater of throwing some money at the right lawyers to make sure the piece never airs.

The two reporters were first intimidated, as lawyers threatened Fox and Fox threatened them to remove the incriminating details. Then they were bribed. When that didn't work they were fired!

The manager at Fox, while still trying to negotiate, told them: "Just write it the way Monsanto's lawyers want it written." They protested, saying: "but this is NEWS we are presenting, important information for the public."

He replied: "We'll tell you what the news is."

The case went to court, and after a long battle, the Court dismissed the whistle blowers protection for the reporters because the Court stated that there was no law, to force that "the news" state the truth!

Astounding, but the NEWS is no different than other TV show...fiction designed to sell advertising.

--Bibi Farber

This video is a clip from the film "The Corporation" 2003