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GMO Ticking Time Bomb Part 2

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How Can This Happen?

Part 2 of this explosive documentary delves into the darker questions of the policies, politics and people behind the marketing of GMO food in the US.

Remember: we are being experimented on. There have been no human clinical trials conducted on the dangers of eating these foods.

How did this come to be? How can GMO foods be allowed on the market in a way that creates an unprecedented risk for human beings and the environment?

See Monsanto's former employees now at work in The White House. See established, reputable scientists completely banished from the field, careers destroyed because of their conclusive studies that prove GMO's distort inner organs, fertility and the immune system of rats.

"Monsanto's the company that told us PCB's were safe... that Agent Orange was safe, they told us that DDT was safe- and now they're in charge of telling us if their own genetically engineered foods are safe...because the FDA does not require a single safety study -- they leave it to Monsanto!" exclaims Jeffery Smith, Executive Director for Responsible Technology.

Vandana Shiva, Joseph Mercola and many more are featured in this segment.

Over 40 countries have labeling for GMO foods - and consequently they have very little of this toxic food on their shelves. The fight for labeling in the US continues: See

Spread these videos to anyone you care about who may not yet comprehend the danger of the foods that fill our supermarket shelves in the US!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Gary Null. See
How to avoid GMO foods and products: