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Why we have banned
advertisers from our site

An important message to
Next World TV subscribers

We depend on viewers like you
to keep the service alive

When we started our pioneering
work on the Internet in 1994, the Internet was
a positive, idealistic space filled with people
working to change the for better.

To a large extent that happened.

Information and other valuable resources previous generations could scarcely imagine are available for free to anyone who can access a computer at home or in a public library.

But as often happens, larger, less idealistic forces appeared and muddied the waters.

Cloaking themselves in the language of idealism "Don''t be evil" and "Connect the world", companies like Google and Facebook weaseled their ways into our lives and have, for all practical purposes, became Imperial-like dictators on the Internet.

Here's just a short list of some of their behaviors:

1. They foment conflict and paint the world as a place full of hostility and partisanship

2. They sell private information about individual users to nefarious people and institutions

3. They actively work to undermine the businesses of companies that offer services that compete with their own

4. They routinely abuse small publishers - like Next World TV - by imposing random, arbitrary rules; changing revenue sharing deals unilaterally, and even closing accounts without warning, reason or the right to appeal

For these reasons, we've banned advertising from Google, Facebook and other Internet services from Next World TV.

This means without the support of users like you, we will not be able to continue this service.

If you believe in what we're doing, please consider supporting us so we can continue to help you and many other people you may never meet with the positive information we share every day, 365 days a year.

We've gone 100% ad free which means we're 100% income free too.

It's a leap of faith...we're counting on you.


Our parent company THE REAL FOOD CHANNEL - one of the Internet's oldest video information sites about simple, healthy living - can accept your credit card, Pay Pal, or check donations.

Thank you.

- The Next World TV com


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