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What Industry Destroys The Planet More Than Any Other?

The Farm Animal Industry

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The Sustainability Secret

Maybe you already know that a hamburger takes about 660 gallons of water to produce, if you factor in all aspects of raising the feed and all the steps of manufacturing.

That is the equivalent of showering for TWO solid months by the way.

Maybe you already know that out of all the industries, animal agriculture is responsible for more water depletion, species extinction, deforestation and global warming than any other industry.

But did you know that the largest environmental organizations will not touch this matter with a 10 foot pole?

The producers of the film Cowspiracy aim to bring our awareness to this scandalous blind spot. Why, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, all you great environmental organizations, WHY are you not addressing this?

"Environmental organizations not addressing this is like health organizations trying to stop lung cancer without addressing cigarette smoking" (from Cowspiracy)

The best thing you can do is visit this website and see how easy it is to arrange a screening, or attend one if your town is listed here:

--Bibi Farber