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Paul Stamets Speech

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The Path IntoThe Future Will Be The Path Of Mycelium

Esteemed mycologist Paul Stamets, author and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal mushrooms, presents in this speech a "suite of revelations and solutions that can be put into practice" about the miracle of mycelium, and how mushrooms can heal the planet.

Stamets details here the fascinating story of how we are all connected via an underground network of mycelium. All plants, all animals, we humans - are part fungi.

Among other miracles that continuously assure our survival,his research proves again and again that mushrooms are exquisitely well designed for breaking down a whole suite of hydrocarbon based contaminants: PCP's, PCP's, dioxins, all pesticides, most herbicides, petroleum based fuels, diesel and gasoline.

At 41 minutes in, you can hear the triumphant story of these soil magicians:

There was a diesel contamination spill at a transportation yard. It was so toxic that it was off limits. They invited 6 biomediation companies to have a contest: Who could break down the diesel contaminated soil the best?

6 piles were created and everyone applied their treatment. All were fairly conventional methods except for the mushrooms.

4 weeks later, scientists and government officials went to see the results.

Not only did gigantic oyster mushrooms start growing happily in that pile, which was the only one that didn't still stink of diesel, but something even more interesting happened: Life grew back. Plants started growing there!

To these mushrooms diesel fuel is not toxic but a form of food. They feed on it, and converted the toxins to substances that other life forms can not only tolerate but feed off of, and grow.

Let's heed Paul Stamets' wisdom and follow his work: mushrooms can heal the world!

--Bibi Farber

This video was recorded at the Uplift Festival in Australia