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Plasticized: Documentary About Plastic In Our Oceans

It's Not Just The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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Trawling For Plastic

Welcome aboard the Sea Dragon with the 5 Gyres Institute. The crew is on a scientific expedition through the South Atlantic Ocean, on a mission to study the effects and scale of plastic pollution in our oceans.

The great Pacific Garbage Patch that you have surely heard about is not the only plastic pollution, it's just the most visible. On this journey, in the South Atlantic, thousands of miles from the nearest landmass, the crew find evidence of our overly wasteful use of plastic, making all the oceans "sick" and killing the marine life.

This crew is out to raise awareness and study the immense scale of the problem where the media has not begun looking yet.

Meet the young scientists and activists who have devoted their research to the questions around the plastic in fish: how the pollutants in the plastic get into the fish tissue, into the organs. The big fish eat the smaller fish, and it biomagnifies up the food chain.

Yes, this fish is being sold and eaten by all of us.

A worthwhile documentary, slow moving at times, but includes much insightful commentary and shines a spotlight on one of the most important environmental tragedies of our time.

--Bibi Farber

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