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Michael Pollan Discusses Colony Collapse Disorder

Monocultures Throw Off The Whole System

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The Chemicals Needed For Monocultures Are Killing Bees

There is a direct relationship between the monocultures our agricultural industry depends on and Colony Collapse Disorder, the massive bee die offs happening all over the world.

In this excerpt from the 2009 documentary Vanishing Of The Bees, Michael Pollan explains that he sees the disappearance of bees as an undeniable sign that our food system is unsustainable.

"Although it's consistent with the logic of industry: make lots of widgets, same size, from one machine - it contradicts the logic of the natural world. You don't find monocultures in nature." he says. "Nature doesn't put all of her eggs in one basket."

--Bibi Farber

This clip is an excerpt from the 2009 documentary Vanishing Of The Bees.
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