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Clean Up The Ocean... and Create Fuel!

The Santa Cruz based Clean Oceans Project has an app to track where trash is ending up in the water, using calculations of surface currents and winds. With radar technology, they can pinpoint where trash is likely to end up in the water.

Then they get out on the boat and go collect as much as they can.

Not only that. When they have raised the money, they intend to get the Blest machine from Japan that converts plastic into fuel and stay at sea for months on end, never having to go back to land to refuel.

"We don't want to take the plastic back to land and landfill it, because we're just moving the problem... we want to harvest it, collect it, (use the plastic to oil converter) and put the fuel back in the collection vessel so we can stay at sea for 3 months." explains CEO Nic Drobac.

What a beautiful plan. Stay tuned to the Clean Oceans Project for details here:

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by NBC News