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Bhopal: Shed Unsaid

The Truth Of The Tragedy, Told From Within

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The Bhopal Of Then And The Bhopal Of Now

This brave documentary is made by a young Bhopali man who grew up listening to his elders' experiences from the night that unleashed one of the most horrendous incidents to have ever taken place -- the Bhopal Gas Tragedy on the night of December 2 -3 1984.

He decided to to research, examine and determine exactly what the survivors had experienced in the wake of the tragedy.

From the documentary's description: "And that is when he starts unveiling the true nature of this set of events -- that within the very fabric of the world's worst industrial disaster, something purely sinister yet entirely man-made had taken shape to obscure the ones who died, and how it has only grown in prominence since then to haunt the ones who survived."

A passionate and insightful set of interviews that tell the story of the help that never arrived, the truth that never surfaced and the Bhopal that might forever live in 1984.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Syed Samar Medhi