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ALERT: "More nuclear waste leaking from Fukushima" with Thom Hartmann

Guest: Kevin Kamp

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We Are Importing Radioactive Food

The Fukushima Daiichi disaster happened on March 16, 2011.

The leaks have been going on for 2 years into the ocean, and during the late summer of 2013 they have surged to much higher levels. According to Kevin Kamps at,we are now seeing something like 100 times the levels of cesium and other radioactive materials previously seen in the groundwater and in the ground off shore.

100 tons or more of leakage is pouring out of the Fukushima plant into the basement levels of groundwater on a regular basis...and leaking into the ocean.

There are of course, numerous urgent concerns on every level, for the whole world. This is THE major environmental disaster of our time. Where to begin?

One thing we would like to bring your attention to in this video is that around the 4 minute mark in this video, Radioactive Waste Watchdog Kevin Kamps explains that the regulations for food safety in the US are FAR less stringent than in Japan. Japanese regulations say that food is considered contaminated if it only has 100 becquerels per kilo of radioactive cesium. Beyond that it's considered unfit for human consumption. In the US, the allowed number is 1,200 becquerels per kilo.

We are in fact importing food from Japan right now that they consider too radioactive to consume.

Read as much as you can and spread the word about any and all protective measures that can be taken. We will continue to post any findings in our Health and Wellness section here at Nextworldtv.

--Bibi Farber

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