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1,000 Trees For A Permaculture Forest

Here's How They Get Water In An Arid Climate

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Fertility Loop Created Through Trees

1,000 trees are planted in this fairly harsh environment at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms near Canberra, Australia.

How do you get them to flourish and prosper so they can be the home to a lush forest? How do you make sure they get enough water in the crucial beginning phase?

Matt Kilby explains how to plant a tree on a very big swale that is approximately 2 km in length. Matt explains his method for growing trees for maximum survival, and which trees are best to encourage soil fertility and raise food web organisms and encourage rich diversity of food forest plants, of both native and exotic species.

"Trees bring up minerals from the deep down and deposit them on the surface - that's why the forest is so important. We're creating a fertility loop." says Kilby.

Eventually this swale, designed by Geoff Lawton, will support a forest of trees based on sustainable and sensible design, transforming the dry, barren landscape into a permaculture paradise.

--Bibi Farber

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