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Eco Villages: Neighborhoods Of The Future

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Social Sustainability

"Although I live alone, I am not alone" says one resident of the Eco Village At Ithaca (EVI)

Many great ideas and practices are put into motion in these types of living arrangements, which are creating the old fashioned neighborhood in a new way.

The eco village and co housing movements both gathered speed in Denmark in the 1990's. This video takes us on a tour of the Eco Village in Ithaca, NY, followed by news about Three Groves, a Net Zero Energy Eco Village in Chester County, PA.

"It's not just the environmental sustainability, it's social sustainability... you can share your resources, you can come together and accomplish so much more because by sharing resources with my neighbor, I have to consume less." says Janet Hesselberth, co founder of Three Groves Eco Village.

-- Bibi Farber

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