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Exploring New Social Models That Work

Karen Litfin is a professor of Ecology at the University of Washington who did a study of dozens of eco villages.

After realizing that top down government solutions "really aren't going to get us out of the mess we're in" she traveled through Europe, North America, Africa, India and Australia to take a close look at eco villages, and what they can teach us.

She shares in this video what she found: the good things and the challenges of community life, where people grow food together, sharing land and resources.

"What I found is that people are able to live well on a whole lot less money than we think is necessary in our culture. And they're able to do this because they share a lot." says Liftin.

She believes we don't all need to move to eco villages to begin exploring these new social models, but we can learn from them. We already have plenty we can be working towards together in our cities and suburbs.

--Bibi Farber