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The Sky Is Pink by Gasland's Josh Fox

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A Little PR Problem....

Josh Fox does a follow-up documentary to his hit film "Gasland" about the propaganda & misinformation that the hydro fracking industry puts out.

"The Sky Is Pink" is less than 19 minutes long, and offers a clear and succinct description of what happens to public opinion when there is a "debate" created, and how the natural gas industry manages to spin the facts.

The fracking industry launched a campaign to debunk the facts presented in Gasland. One PR firm they hired is best known for claiming cigarettes were healthy and relaxing back in the 50's!

Josh Fox actually shows us documents from inside their side, clearly in black and white, about many uncontrollable, highly toxic dangers of hydrofracking.

But that's just a little PR problem, isn't it?

--Bibi Farber

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