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Gasland - Full Movie

Launched The Anti Fracking Movement

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Brilliant, Must See Film

This exceptional film, Gasland, directed by Josh Fox, is one of the reasons New York State has rallied and managed to maintain a moratorium on fracking.

Nominated for an Oscar in 2011, this film is a dramatic and literally explosive story about fracking. It's also just a brilliant, extremely engaging film - outrageous subject matter aside.

Welcome into the homes of people all along the Marcellus Shale who's health, land, pets and livestock have been sickened beyond words by the staggering amount of chemicals used in the dangerous hydraulic fracturing process.

Yes, you will see people's water light on fire, coming right out of the tap. But that's a parlor trick compared to the frightening effect of the overall picture Fox presents on the state of fracking in the US.

Get ready to be shocked and outraged at what you learn here.

"It's amazing that what took mother nature millions of years to build can be destroyed in a few hours of a piece of heavy machinery" says one of the regretful landowners who signed away his rights.

For more information and to learn about the recently released Gasland Part 2,

--Bibi Farber