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Community Triumphs Over Gas Companies

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We Are All Leaders

In New South Wales, Australia there is an area covering about 90 towns that have fought the gas industry and won!

At a meeting in February 2012, residents saw a Coal Seam Gas film, then voted overwhelmingly to make their roads and lands "CSG Free".

Coal Seam Gas is a form of natural gas extracted from coal beds, also called CBM or Coal Bed Methane. Obviously, it is extremely destructive to the environment.

After this meeting, working groups were formed to survey each household. Outcomes were astonishing. The community was united. Of 432 respondents, one said ‘not sure’, two said ‘no’. A whopping 429 said YES to making their roads CSG-free (99.3%).

As a result of this participatory process, there were three territories that were declared Gasfield Free on 14th April 2012.

"We encourage other communities to do what we've done here. The secret is neighbor to neighbor engagement. A "Gas Seam Free" road sign is of little use unless there's a community behind it." says one participant.

"We're all leaders in this movement. It's up to us!

See this inspiring video and go to this website to see how to organize your community:

--Bibi Farber