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Are GMO's Making Americans Fat? Part 2

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Who Is Making These Descisions?

This video, Part 2 of 2, examines the link between the GMO ingredients in mainstream food and obesity, which is now at 60% of the population. The US is the fattest country in the world!

Genetically engineered foods, like high fructose corn syrup and modified soybeans contain toxins that the human body is not used to.

In this video we also are educated about yet another ugly layer: While Michelle Obama speaks about reducing childhood obesity, eating healthier and planting gardens, President Obama has appointed plenty of pro Monsanto people in key positions in the USDA and elsewhere.

These are the people making decisions, not only for the American food supply but also on which products and food policies are exported to the world market.

Michael Taylor is the US Food Safety Czar. He used to be Monsanto's VP for Public Policy. There are plenty more examples where that came from, exposing the revolving doors between the biotech industry to the government.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by RT