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Urban Initiatives


Wind Tree Turbine: Perfect For Cities (1:15)

A Tiny Apartment Transforms Into 24 Rooms (4:04)

Activist Eco Village in London (8:12)

Amazing Bottle Tower Gardens (9:09)

Aquaponic System For Your Living Room (9:09)

Backyard urban farming works (15:13)

Bamboo Bikes (2:03)

Beer Powered Wisconsin Hospital (1:39)

Bicycle Music Festival - San Francisco (6:26)

Bikes, Trees, Cafes? Outrageous Instant Community Transformation in Texas (15:19)

Biking in Copenhagen (5:09)

Biking With The Dutch (3:47)

Bright Farms: Farming Indoors (6:08)

Bright Green City (18:15)

Bright Neighbor (8:35)

Capture the Rain and Rebuild the Economy (5:40)

Chickens In The City (9:26)

Chinese Elevated High Speed Eco Bus (1:47)

Cities are not the problem (04:22)

Commercial Composting Made Easy in NYC (1:05)

Community Gardens Blossom (2:16)

Community Supported Agriculture - CSA (3:55)

Composting Indoors (1:26)

Connecting Backyards and Farmers in Brooklyn (5:25)

Converting A Grass Lawn To A Garden (5:25)

Copenhagen Wheel: World's Smartest Hybrid Bike (1:32)

Detroit: The Once And Future City (4:40)

Downtown Gardens Of Detroit (4:11)

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Brooklyn, NY (6:12)

Earning Money In The Sharing Economy (4:38)

Egypt's Recycling Community (2:13)

Evergreen Cooperative in Cleveland (6:38)

Exploring Green Roofs In Cities (3:11)

Fallen Fruit (2:01)

Farm To School Program in Denver (2:35)

Food Forest in Seattle (2:05)

Food Justice (5:53)

Forget Sustainable: Productive Architecture Is The Next Big Thing (12:37)

Free Water: Amazing Rainwater Harvesting Action In Arizona (6:26)

From Parking Lot Into Permaculture Neighborhood Center (17:54)

Futuristic Hi Tech Bike Parking In Japan (4:16)

Geoff Lawton: Urban Permaculture (11:51)

Going To Jail For Growing Food? (2:16)

Government Sponsored Bike Sharing In US (2:42)

Green Co-Op in the South Bronx (5:25)

Green Jobs Revolution in Chicago (7:37)

Green Roofs (4:09)

Greywater Rising (5:10)

Grow Food Anywhere: Straw Bale Gardening (4:18)

Growing Fish In Greenhouses (3:46)

Harvesting Rainwater in L.A. (1:54)

Honey On The Rooftop in D.C. (2:54)

How India is leading the world in architecture with the "Vertical City" (13:34)

How To Build a Rooftop Garden (6:59)

How to Compost in Your Apartment (6:35)

How To Create Your Own Village (5:45)

Hundreds of Unique Green Walls (3:29)

Hydroponics on the Hudson (5:50)

Hydroponics On The Roof At School (2:30)

Illegal Gardeners (3:55)

Imagine The Future: Green and Vertical (2:34)

Kansas City's Urban Farming Guys (5:43)

LYFT: Take A Ride In The Sharing Economy (2:41)

Most Sustainable Office Building In The US (1:46)

NYC Rooftop Beekeeping (2:42)

NYC's Bike Share: Largest In US (4:08)

Occupy Sandy: The Relief That Showed Up When No One Else Did (3:12)

Off the grid without leaving the neighborhood (06:11)

Open Source Collaboration To The Rescue (7:53)

Outdated Zoning Laws Meet Tiny Houses (10:32)

Pedal Co-Op (5:05)

Planting Gardens In A Gang-Ridden Neighborhood (2:59)

Rallying At The People's Climate March, NYC (2:30)

Recycling Urban Timber (3:39)

Redesigning Civilization With Permaculture (1:12:44)

Reducing Food Waste to Reduce Hunger (7:23)

Rent A Car From Someone Nearby (2:09)

Rooftop Farms (2:41)

San Francisco On Track To Become (9:06)

Seattle's Bullitt Center (6:44)

Self Reliance In LA: Radical Home Ec (20:32)

Sky High Squat In Venezuela (6:59)

Solar Powered Eco Eatery (2:09)

Stephen Ritz: A Teacher Growing Green In The South Bronx (13:43)

Sustainability At Occupy New Haven (2:55)

Sustainability At Occupy Wall Street (1:23)

Sustainable Flatbush (6:05)

The Garbageless Restaurant (4:25)

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (53:06)

The Shareable Future Of Cities (10:14)

Time Banking (4:18)

Top 5 Reasons Urban Farming Is The Most Important Movement Of Our Time (4:00)

Turning Backyards Into Gardens (5:33)

Two Goldfish Help Grow Free Food Indoors (1:47)

Urban Farming in Detroit (5:56)

Urban Farming Teacher In Detroit (1:59)

Urban Farms (1:52)

Urban Goats (5:09)

Urban Rooftop Farm Sells Shares (3;38)

What Is Collaborative Consumption? (3:26)

Windmill For One (2:25)

Window Farms (3:44)

WomanShare (10:53)

World's Largest Rooftop Garden (5:27)

You Can Now Ride Your Bike Across Rivers (1:33)

Zero Waste At Ohio Stadium (4:56)

Zero Waste Town in Canada (2:25)

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