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What is reality?

Robert Lanza: A good guy to know

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Understanding consciousness

I finally got around to reading the much recommended "Biocentrism" by Robert Lanza.

Superb book and a fascinating life story.

Lanza does not get into his life story in this talk, but it's well worth recounting here.

He grew up in a physically abusive home dominated by an alcoholic father who made his living as a criminal. His older sister was so severely effected by the home situation, she went insane.

By some miracle, Lanza discovered science as a young child, was a prodigy at it, and as a young teenager was in turn discovered by a Nobel prize winning scientist at Harvard who mentored him.

Lanza helped himself by sneaking away to Harvard one afternoon from his hometown in Massachusetts in search of someone who could answer some of his questions which is when he made his fortuitous connection there.

This isn't the only Lanza video. If the heady topics he discusses interest you, you might want to search for and watch others and read his book "Biocentrism" which is a masterpiece.