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Retrash: Kickstarting The Book

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This kind of stuff makes our hearts pound at Nextworldtv.

The world is endlessly littered with things that can be re-purposed. It's groaning under the weight of them. From furniture to Christmas decorations, from salvaged wood to china plates, from boats to skateboards - virtually everything can be reborn as something truly useful, fun, whimsical and creative.

At the forefront of repurposing movement is upcycler and author Nathan Devine. He has a book in the works called "Retrash". It features the work of over 80 artists, and will serve to inspire anyone who gets their hands on a copy.

This video shows you unique upcycled work of all kinds, and also has info about the Kickstarter campaign to get the book published.

We love the creative spirit at work here, and this world needs all the inspiration it can get to see "trash" in new ways. Let's let our imaginations fly here!

If you're inspired, prepay a copy of this book and help support the Upcycling Revolution!

--Bibi Farber

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