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Get Rid Of The Slavery of Life: Patented Seeds

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Seed Is The New Spinning Wheel

"Our colonization was related to the fact that we stopped producing. Our cotton was being taken back to England, everything was being done under forced colonization." says author an activist Vandana Shiva on the era of British colonial rule in India.

She explains that back then the key industry determining imperialism was the textile industry, whereas today the key industry is a new bioimperialism, basically the control of life, control over seed as this first link in the food chain.

"Just as we got rid of slavery, we've got to get rid of slavery of life, through patents on seed. We have a higher duty to protect life on earth, to protect biodiversity and to pass on living seed to our future."

This brilliant woman is a gift to all humanity! Enjoy this short section of an interview from 2012.

--Bibi Farber

For more information about Vandana Shiva, see the Navdanya website:

This video was produced by Ian Mauro