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Locally Abundant: Indie Film On Organic Food

Small-Scale Organic Agriculture A Biophysically Viable Alternative

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The One Thing That Binds Us All: Food

In the summer of 2011, Justin Cantafio and Ryan Oickle, traveled from Halifax, Nova Scotia all the way to the Discovery Islands Archipelago of British Columbia. Along the course of their travels they lived and volunteered on 10 small-scale organic farms across Canada.

They ended up with this brilliant independently produced film that tells the story of the Agri-business food chain in North America.

"Our objective was to connect with the individuals on the front line of sustainable food production and distribution, in a country whose agricultural policies are favorable towards the large-scale and unsustainable production of market commodities.. Our hypothesis going in to the trip was that not only is small-scale organic agriculture a biophysically viable alternative to the dominant yet unsustainable form of industrialized conventional agriculture and food distribution so common today, but that it also serves as the foundation for truly happy and healthy people, communities, and ecosystems. We filmed our experiences with the hopes of creating an educational documentary film while paying homage to the 10 farms and hosts that made our journey possible in the first place... We hope that this amateur/non-profit film lends itself to be a tool for opening eyes, spreading awareness, and reconnecting individuals and communities through the one thing that binds us all. Food."

More power to you- we are happy to help spread the word!

--Bibi Farber

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