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War On Food

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Food Systems Being Hijacked

Vandana Shiva is a dynamic voice in the world right now. She is a trained physicist from India, who is an activist and author on over 20 books on globalization, food politics, biodiversity, the plight of third world women, and numerous related issues.

Her clear message in this video is that we as consumers, can change the whole game if we want to.

"The shift in the food culture must come from a shift in consumer choice. " she says.

Consumers are an ignorant link in the food chain. Eventually this war is a war against food: against the human body, against the environment and against the farmers.

She explains that we need a food system that is about food democracy. Our food systems are being hijacked by a handful of corporations who want to patent our seeds, push genetically engineered food down our throats, force the use of more chemicals, destroy the earth, uproot farmers who live on the land- and give us bad food.

We need to shift to an agriculture that rejuvenates biodiversity, conserves water, rebuilds soil fertility and re-establishes small farmers as the most important producers: the core of our economy.

Let's spread the word -- keep raising awareness, keep talking to your fellow food consumers: that's all of us.

--Bibi Farber