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The World Is Not Running Out Of Oil...?

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But Take Away Cheap Oil And The Economy Is Getting The Shock Of It's Life

"The world's not running out of oil. There's all kinds of oil. But what the world is going to run out of is the oil you can afford to burn." Jeff Rubin.

This simple and elegantly put statement should serve to harmonize opinions from all across the Peak Oil discussion, because who cares how much is left if it's not cheap anymore? The low cost of extraction was what made advances in the last 100 years unlike anything civilization had ever seen before.

In this video we hear from Jeff Rubin, who was the Chief Economist at CIBC World Markets for twenty years. He was one of the first economists to accurately predict soaring oil prices back in 2000. That's not the kind of message chief economists at investment banks are supposed to deliver so he resigned from CIBC World Markets to write about it in his new book "Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller."

He explains to mainstream media here that high oil prices will be the end of globalization. "The whole idea of globalization is the separation of production from the markets...the idea that you can make something on one end of the world to be sold at the other end of the world. One of the prerequisites for globalization was the dismantling of tariff barriers -- but the other prerequisite was cheap oil. No matter how you move goods around the world... you're burning one fuel and one fuel only and that's oil."

Our smaller world is something we embrace here at Nextworldtv of course: local food, local services, local goods, local economy, shorter or no commutes, less energy used, less waste, less toxins and more time and health, more bicycles, more alternative energy -- and prosperity measured in new ways.

Hoorah for those who manage to get this message across to conventional media, in any way shape or form!

--Bibi Farber

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