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No Cats Or Dogs, Just Kangaroos!

Welcome to Crystal Waters Eco Village, set in 650 acres of bushland in Southeast Queensland Australia. At the time this video was produced, they had 83 homes with over 200 people living there.

They claim to be the first village designed with permaculture landscape principles. It is a wildlife preserve as well as an eco village, with a mix of private and community owned land. There is common land for grazing, agriculture and forestry.

Since they are dedicated to bringing back wildlife in the area, no cats and dogs are allowed -- but note the many very cute kangaroos in this video!

"Crystal Waters embraces the permaculture belief that small settlements can provide a healthy lifestyle were we can maintain clean air and water and where food production is not so separate from consumption." says the narrator.

They also have workshops and tours, eager to teach visitors about this gentler, more sustainable way of life.

--Bibi Farber

Crystal Waters Eco Village website is